Obesity among children is fairly common now-a-days. It might be our inactive lifestyle, or it might be our obsession with fast foods and sugary drinks. And this problem is common worldwide. Though proper exercise and a healthier diet can definitely be the solution for this problem; it’s not easy to convince the children of this. Individual sports can definitely count as exercise. Here are our tips on how to get your children exercising, and to lose weight through individual sports…

Have a friendly chat

And this means no lecturing or yelling. Take your time in explaining to him/her what being overweight can result in. Speak to them in “their language”, making sure to appeal to their competitive nature and what’s important to them. Remember that children respond better to example than to advice. And if you want to get your child to be more active; you need to be more active too.

Limit their time with electronics

Though modern technology and electronics have made our lives easier; they are a few very important reasons for obesity both in adults and children alike. Don’t cut it off completely; limit the time or put in conditions instead. Their boredom within that time period might push them to try individual sports; and inevitable, once the habit is formed, they’d want to play even when it’s not mandatory.

Remember to start small

Most sports can be extremely tiring; especially for a child who is overweight or unused to exercising. Start small and take it easy. Tiring them out entirely in the first week, will only make them reluctant to play on the next three weeks. Instead, encourage them to play only in the weekends at first. You can gradually increase their play time as they grow stronger and fitter.

Opt for sports that provide a full body exercise

If your aim for playing sports is mainly to lose weight, then it’s obvious you need to try out sports that guarantee this. Individual sports like swimming and cycling are great for this. Even dancing is brilliant. Encourage them to try it out once they’ve built their stamina a little; and join them in it. They will be encouraged to keep at it if they can see the change in you.

It is important that you, as their parent, learn to be supportive and encouraging. Setbacks are inevitable; so be patient with them. Find solutions for sore muscles together; laugh it off together. Be positive and help them be positive too. And when their active lifestyle builds their appetite, learn and encourage them to eat well and right too!

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