Even in today’s age of electronics, it doesn’t take much to convince people of the importance of sports for both adults and children. This is easily because many of us already know how important it is to play and be active. Especially when it comes to kids. Through sports, especially the organized team sports, children learn about team work, dedication, concentration, and discipline. They also learn about punctuality and confidence; along with taking care of their physical strength and mental well-being.

But enrolling your child into team sports too early can be a little disastrous. Along with it being a little dangerous to them physically, their lack of coordination and balance can make them frustrated with playing, and urge them to quit playing faster. Here’s how to know if your child is ready for organized team sports.

Consider their age

Age is an important factor to consider when trying to figure out if your child is ready for organized sports. Too young, and they might even hurt themselves. Ideally, children around the age of 10 are ready for trying out for teams and beginning sports. This is because by this age, children have a better grasp of their strength, coordination, and even balance. Though we know that some children are better at certain activities earlier than most, sports is better avoided for very young children.

Observe them carefully

Who better than parents to truly observe a child? While playing board games, try and observe how your child plays. Is she strategizing her moves? Is he trying to out maneuver you? If he or she is ready to team up with a friend or sibling, simply if it’s to make you lose; or if he is making deliberate moves for the same reason, then it’s quite possible that your child is ready for team sports now.

Be mindful of their…

Mental, physical and emotional health. If they are prone to crying over a friendly game with siblings, or if they are unwilling to play as a team member, it might be that your child is yet too young to be playing organized sports; or that they will do better at individual sports. For children below 10 years of age and above 6 years, sports like swimming, basic gymnastics, martial arts and dancing are more suitable.

Talk to them about their school life. Where do they have lunch? Who with? Who are their friends? Why are they not interested in certain school activities? If your child is turning himself into a loner (around the age of 10) then perhaps this too could be a sign to indicate that he’s ready for team sports…!

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