It’s no secret that electronics and fast foods are dominating our world. Our lifestyle, our work, our family relationships are all being affected by it, and we also tend to work around it. Of course, this is mainly because of our over busy schedules and responsibilities. But regardless to the reason, it’s fairly obvious that now, more than even, our children are in need of adequate exercise. And what better way to exercise than to begin playing a sport?

If your locality has many options for children’s sports, then we can understand your confusion. And because we do understand, we’ve put together a few important tips to help you zero on the correct sport for your child—or help them decide what’s best for them. Read ahead to find them…


Learn to separate interests

It’s quite easy to confuse your own interests with your child’s. Even though your interest might lie on a particular sport, and even though you might have played (or are still playing) a particular sport, it’s not a rule that your child should have the same interest. Try and separate yourself from your interest when discussing sports with your child. This is important, as they might feel compelled to like your sport (or get swept up by your interest in it), and end up selecting the wrong sport for them.

Teams or individual?

Put your heads together and decide if your child would like to play a team (organized) sport, or an individual sport. Take account their nature and their competitiveness, as well as their willingness to shine on their own. For someone who doesn’t mind being a part of something, and is interested in merely playing his part, sports like football and basketball will be perfect. If he wants to be part of a team, yet wants to shine individually, then sports like swimming and cricket work brilliantly. But if he’s someone who prefers his own company, sports like gymnastics and cycling can be more interesting.

Remember your child’s body capability

Be it because of their age, weight or health conditions; not every child can do all sports. If they are too young, their inability to coordinate and excel in certain sports can put them off; making them quit. An hour or so in their bicycle should be exercise enough. If they are overweight, then playing certain sports can be a little dangerous for them. Encourage them to try skate boarding, or the more modern penny boarding. If they are interested in video games, then encourage them to play active video games that will force them to move around.

Think beyond the traditional when it comes to sports. Encourage them to try out a variety of sports from martial arts to fencing. Watch them closely as they try out each sport, making note of their interest and enthusiasm. This is a very simple way to find the sport that’s best for your child…

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